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  • Economical PCB printing system
    ●Includes an inkjet print head that dispenses very fine conductive and insulating inks to create multi-layer rigid and flexible circuits on FR-4, Kapton or any substrate of your choice.
    ●Each printer has two heads for dispensing glue and solder paste, and another for picking up and placing components, allowing you to assemble the PCB on the desktop
    ●Multi-layer printing (up to 4 layers)
    ●Printing technology: thermal inkjet printing.
    ●Number of inkjet nozzles: 300
    ●Ink type (curing method): conductive (thermal), insulating (UV)
    ●Minimum trace width: 8 mils [200 microns]
    ●Minimum needle pitch: 16 million [400 microns]
    ●Minimum passage size diameter: 25 million [600 microns]
    ●Drill size: 15 million [400 microns]
    ●Maximum printable area: 4.6" x 6" [117 x 152 mm] [X / Y]
    ●Conductive ink thin layer resistance: 40 mOhms / square
    ●Supported formats: GERBER RS-274X,. jpg, .png, .tiff, .bmp