PDMS membrane station,PDMS膜制作系统


PDMS membrane station,PDMS膜制作系统




我们为您提供所有设备,配件和化学品,您可以自己制作高度可重复的PDMS膜。 准备您的PDMS,选择所需的厚度并创建您的膜以快速获得新鲜的PDMS膜用于您的实验。 一切都在不到一个小时内完成!




High precision & wide thickness range: The PDMS membrane kit is based on a low vibration spin coater which enables to precisely control the speed and acceleration ut to 12 000 rpm. You can achieve PDMS membrane thickness from ~10?m to 250?m with a high precision.

No PDMS ageing: Get your “fresh” PDMS membrane in 10 minutes and perfomr reproductible experiments always in the same conditions.

Easy to use: Based on a set of Plug & Play instruments, we have developed processes dedicated to each application. We provide tutorials to enable any researchers getting high standard membrane wihtout initial knowledge.

Get control of your specificities: You can know change the specificities of your PDMS membrane (pore sizes, permeability,…)



  • Programmable Spin coater
  • Hot plate
  • Desiccator for PDMS degassing

Accessories & Chemicals

All chemicals (PDMS, Isopropanol, Acetone, etc.) and all lab accessories (glass slides, Petri dishes, disposable cups, stirring rods, scalpels, etc.) are included, in order to provide you the most complete set.

Chemicals-microfluidic-SU8-developer-isopropanol-aceton-TMCSAccessory-microfluidic-PDMS molding

We give you all the product references and providers information to refill your stock.


Standard support pack: We take care of the after sale of all your instruments, we provide you microfabrication process-sheet and tutorials, we provide you 1 years phone assistance to answers any microfabrication questions you could have.

Our specialists selected and adapted the best instruments to make them work together with reliable process. You can find here a short description of the equipment. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to have more information and keep in mind that we have several model to fit for the best your needs.


 Spin coating microfluidic photoresist SU8 resin layer PDMSThis spin coater is compact and packed with advanced features. It works with wafer up to ?150mm and 5″ × 5″ (127mm × 127mm) substrates. This spin coater is perfectly fine-tuned to do controllable and repeatable PDMS membrane.

A device adapted for Soft-lithography applications

Its compact size with the little panel control attached make the device really movable. Easily connected to PC via Bluetooth, you can saved and named your recipe.  Can be used with SU8 to make mold as such as the PDMS to make membranes.

Major strengths:

  • Designed specifically for ease-of-use
  • Simple to program from the operator panel or your PC
  • Ability to set complex sequence with several accelerations and speeds
  • Non clogging system for extended lifetime
  • Low vibration
  • Speed up to 12000 rpm
  • Provided with wafer centering tool


Dessicateur-PDMS-softlithobox-microfluidic degassingA degassing kit to remove bubble after PDMS mixing between monomer and curing agent. Composed of a desiccator and a vacuum pump, it’s an easy and simple kit  to degas before or after pouring on your mold and can also be used to remove air inside PDMS once your chip is made.

Degassing by using a desiccator remains the most used technique because it’s the simplest way and doesn’t need a high investment.

Major strengths:

  • Easy to use
  • Versatile equipment
  • Low cost


Digital hotplate PDMS membrane bakingThe PDMS need to be baked to become hard and for membranes, the hot plate appears to be the best solution.

What’s more, depending on the process followed you may also have to bake the photoresist. In that case we have selected a simple and efficient hot plate which does the job with the best ration quality/price. This hot plate can’t be used for SU8 photoresist baking but the price allow it to be only dedicated for PDMS membrane application and by the same occasion prevent of any contamination.

Major strenghts:

  • Really easy to use.
  • Best ratio quality/price.
  • Small and light to be install everywhere.