PDMS chip station,PDMS芯片制作系统


PDMS chip station,PDMS芯片制作系统



  1. 把你的PDMS芯片从干净的房间里摆脱出来,高度可重复的芯片制造工艺
  2. 包括用于PDMS粘合的全自动等离子清洁器
  3. 快速制造工艺,24小时开发芯片
  4. 利用我们对软光刻工艺设备的了解,我们一起调整优惠,以便根据您的需求进行微调。



  • Complete air plasma system
  • Oven for fast PDMS curing
  • Desiccator for PDMS degassing

To do PDMS membrane a spin coater can be add in option.

Accessories & Chemicals

All chemicals (PDMS, Isopropanol, Acetone, etc.) and all lab accessories (glass slides, Petri dishes, disposable cups, stirring rods, scalpels, etc.) are included, in order to provide you the most complete set.

Chemicals-microfluidic-SU8-developer-isopropanol-aceton-TMCSAccessory-microfluidic-PDMS molding

We give you all the product references and providers information to refill your stock.


Standard support pack: We take care of the after sale of all your instruments, we provide you microfabrication process-sheet and tutorials, we provide you 1 years phone assistance to answers any microfabrication questions you could have.

Extended support pack: In addition to standard pack our R&D team  install the softlithobox directly in your labs, we adapt on site all our microfabrication process to your needs and we train your team until there become ready to fabricate all your microfluidic chips.

Our specialists selected and adapted the best instruments to make them work together with reliable process. You can find here a short description of the equipment. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to have more information and keep in mind that we have several model to fit for the best your needs.


Oven PDMS baking microfluidic soft lithographyNatural convention drying oven. Frontal panel with bimetallic fluid expansion probe thermo regulator. This oven sized for 4 inches wafer will allow you to cure your PDMS efficiently.

A device adapted for Soft-lithography applications

Size adapted to a Petri dish and to heat two molds at one time. Its minimum footprint enable fast pre-heating and small electric consumption. It is a really movable device and can be install everywhere.

 Major strengths:

  • Easy to use
  • Small footprint adapted to 150 mm Petri dish
  • Two internal shelves
  • Light warning during heating
  • Timer goes from 1 to 120 minutes


Soft-lithography-plasma-cleaner-PDMS bondingThe first plasma cleaner designed specifically for PDMS bonding, this automated plasma enable to easily fabricate your PDMS microfluidic device. Thanks to its vacuum feedback loop,  this plasma cleaner automatically regulate the vacuum inside the chamber without need of hand tuning.

A device adapted for Soft-lithography applications

This plasma has been specially optimized for PDMS bonding, with glass or PDMS. Its unique vacuum feedback loop enable you an automatic and  reproducible PDMS bonding.

Major strengths:

  • Automatic pressure regulation for easy PDMS bonding
  • Low pressure drift gauge for reproducible process over time
  • Three RF power available
  • Numeric vacuum gauge
  • Removable quartz chamber for an easy cleaning


Dessicateur-PDMS-softlithobox-microfluidic degassingA degassing kit to remove bubble after PDMS mixing between monomer and curing agent. Composed of a desiccator and a vacuum pump, it’s an easy and simple kit  to degas before or after pouring on your mold and can also be used to remove air inside PDMS once your chip is made.

Degassing by using a desiccator remains the most used technique because it’s the simplest way and doesn’t need a high investment.

Major strengths:

  • Easy to use
  • Versatile equipment
  • Low cost

SPIN COATER (option)

 Spin coating microfluidic photoresist SU8 resin layer PDMSThis spin coater is compact and packed with advanced features. It works with wafer up to ?150mm and 5″ × 5″ (127mm × 127mm) substrates. This spin coater is perfectly fine-tuned to do controllable and repeatable PDMS membrane.

A device adapted for Soft-lithography applications

Its compact size with the little panel control attached make the device really movable. Easily connected to PC via Bluetooth, you can saved and named your recipe.  Can be used with SU8 to make mold as such as the PDMS to make membranes.

Major strengths:

  • Designed specifically for ease-of-use
  • Simple to program from the operator panel or your PC
  • Ability to set complex sequence with several accelerations and speeds
  • Non clogging system for extended lifetime
  • Low vibration
  • Speed up to 12000 rpm
  • Provided with wafer centering tool