AIM BIOTECH 3D细胞培养芯片(AIM Biotech Microfluidic 3D Cell Culture Chips)

型号:3D Cell Culture Chips
品牌:aim biotech/flexcell

AIM BIOTECH 微流体三维凝胶培养芯片系统 现货


flexcell Chipmate 3D细胞流体剪切应力加载培养分析是一种多用途的实验平台,已在多种生物学研究中得到了应用。

 1、Chipmate 3D细胞培养芯片采用三通道设计,中间为3D凝胶通道,两侧为培养基通道,通过负压吸引快速交换培养基。

 2、芯片透气性好,可有效进行气体交换 3采用标准载玻片尺寸(75 mm × 25 mm),兼容相差显微镜、荧光显微镜和激光共聚焦

显微镜 4可实现不同类型细胞的共培养




1、Chipmate 3D细胞培养芯片采用三通道设计,中间为3D凝胶通道,两侧为培养基通道,通过负压吸引快速交换培养基。


3、采用标准载玻片尺寸(75 mm × 25 mm),兼容相差显微镜、荧光显微镜和激光共聚焦显微镜










· 1.     显微镜玻片尺寸 (75mm X 25mm)

2.     无菌 & 现成

3.     模块化设计,可利用AIM Luer Connectors开拓更多应用领域

4.     适用于386-孔板(AIM专有)

5.     底层所覆盖的是透光率高达92%的聚合物,因此该芯片可适用于相衬显微镜、荧光显微镜、2-photon & 共聚焦显微镜观察

6.     利用特殊的凹槽设计让培养基可以被快速地更换,即使使用真空抽吸器也不会有过度抽吸的风险

3-channel design : 3D gel region flanked by 2 media channels
  • Microscope slide format 75 mm X 25 mm.
  • Compatible with all polymerisable gels including collagen, fibrinogen, Matrigel, etc. and combinations thereof.
  • Gas permeable laminate for effective gas exchange.
  • Optically clear and compatible with phase contrast, fluorescence and confocal microscopy.
  • Enables monotypic or organotypic co-culture models.
  • Enables the control of interstitial flow across the 3D gel region.
  • Enables the control of chemical gradients across the 3D gel region.
  • Sterile and ready-to-use.
  • Designed for rapid media exchange through vacuum aspiration with no risk of over-aspiration.
  • Designed for modular expansion with AIM Connectors.
  • Fits into AIM Microtiter Plate Holders for easy handling and stacking.

Applications of AIM Biotech 3D Cell Culture Chips
  • Cell migration of both adherent and non-adherent cells and cell invasion
  • Angiogenesis and vasculogenesis
  • Metastatic cancer assays (spheroid dispersion and extravasation)
Key features of AIM microfluidic chips
  • Long working regions that are easily injectable with hydrogel, with low risk of leakage.
  • Gas permeable bottom laminate ensures accurate reflections of incubator conditions (normoxic or hypoxic).
  • Multicellular co-culture, with meaningful organization into models of biological systems.
  • Control over chemical gradients and flow across the gel region and/or within the media channels.

Microtiter Plate Holder 
with cover


Fits 3 AIM Chips for easy handling
Positions all chip inlets for compliance with the SBS/ANSI 384-well plate standard
Stackable to minimise incubator space usage
Includes built-in reservoirs and a cover for evaporation control

Luer Connectors

for modular expansion

Modular interface to connect: 
  • 1ml syringe barrels as media reservoirs or for gravity-driven flow
  • male luer tubing fittings to interface with tubing and syringe pumps for active flow control
  • future AIM accessories for new capabilities or usability features