Quasi Vivo? Cell Culture Flow Systems,Quasi Vivo三维灌流培养系统

型号:Quasi Vivo

Quasi Vivo® Cell Culture Flow Systems

TRL, now Lonza, is the sole distributor of the Quasi Vivo® Interconnected Cell Culture System in the United States and Canada. After ten years of research,QuasiVivo INTERCONNECTED CELL CULTURE FLOW SYSTEMS Kirkstall Ltd.  released the Quasi Vivo® advanced cell culture system to provide ‘in-vivo’ like conditions for cell growth. By providing flow of cell culture media the system provides a more physiologically accurate representation than cultures grown in static well plates.

The Quasi Vivo® system consists of a series of cell culture chambers connected through dynamic flow of media throughout the system. This arrangement allows more in-depth studies of interactions between cell types, and supports meso-scale culture systems to provide more physiologically relevant  metabolic data not available with conventional in-vitro techniques.

Introducing…Quasi Vivo® – Advanced Interconnected Flow Systems

Watch the video below for a 5-minute introduction to Quasi Vivo®, a commercially available Milli-fluid interconnected cell culture system that is flexible, easy to use and provides a significantly more human relevant research environment.

Relevant Industries
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemical
  • Cosmetic
  • Academic Research
  • Delivers oxygen and nutrients to the cells
  • Removes waste products
  • Stimulates the cells (flow stress)
  • Provides a better mechanism for cell to cell    signaling
  • Enables systemic (multi-organ) models


    Watch the archived webinar “Building Better In Vitro Models Using the Quasi Vivo® System”, for a proper introduction to Quasi Vivo®. Dr. Kelly Davidge, Kirkstall, discusses the many applications of Quasi Vivo®, with a particular focus on Liver, Cardio and Co-culture models


    Quasi Vivo® Products


    The QV500 cell culture chamber provides a flexible research tool for low-flow perfusion cell culture. Molded from medical grade silicone, the QV500 is compatible with monolayer cultures using glass and plastic coverslips as well as a range of  scaffolds to support 3D cell culture models. 



    The QV600 Air-Liquid Interface (ALI)  chamber has been designed to culture skin, respiratory epithelium, and other tissues requiring membrane support using commercially available standard 24 well hanging inserts.  The QV600 can also be adapted to create a double cavity chamber to study membrane and barrier models. 



    The QV900 6-chamber optical tray is a compact, disposable unit which provides a range of configuration options within the footprint of a standard well-plate. The QV900 tray is made of cell culture treated polypropylene and each chamber is the diameter of a standard well of a 24-well cell culture plate. 


    TRL can supply two quality peristaltic pumps ideal for working with theQuasi Vivo® system:

      • Parker Polyflex 6-channel peristaltic pump: 6 parallel channel peristaltic pump. Compatible with humidified incubators, manual control.  Power supply accepts any voltage 100-240V.
      • Parker Polyflex 2-channel peristaltic pump: 2 independently controlled pump heads, compatible with humidified incubators, manual controls, dimensions (cm) h:10.5, w 19.5, d 17. 100-120V power.


    We carry the components necessary to replace used parts.


    Quasi Vivo® Product Catalog

    QuasiVivo® Catalog Number Description
    QVCWSK Quasi Vivo® QV500 Culture-well starter kit (inc. 3 QV500 chambers, tubing, and reservoirs)
    QVCW5X 5-pack of Quasi Vivo® QV500 culture-well chambers
    QVTWSK Quasi Vivo® QV600 Trans-well Starter Kit (inc. 3 QV600 chambers, tubing, and reservoirs)
    QCTW5X 5-pack of Quasi Vivo® QV600 trans-well chambers
    QV6WSK Quasi Vivo® QV900 6-well starter kit (inc. 3 Quasi Vivo® QV900 6-well trays, tubing, and reservoirs)
    QVT12X 12-pack of Quasi Vivo® QV900 6-well trays
    QVT24X 24-pack of Quasi Vivo® QV900 6-well trays
    QVT60X 60-pack of Quasi Vivo® QV900 6-well trays
    QV6WTU Sterile connecting tubing for Quasi Vivo® QV900 6-well trays
    QVPP6C Parker Polyflex 6-channel peristaltic pump
    QVPP2C Parker Polyflex 2-channel peristaltic pump
    QVRESB Reservoir Bottle

    Only Available in North America.

    Visit the Lonza e-store to place your order online or contact Customer Service at (800)638-8174.

    Quasi Vivo® User Manuals

    Each manual contains detailed instructions on the use of the corresponding product.

    QV500 User Manual

    QV600 User Manual

    QV900 User Manual

    Parker PF 600 Cell Culture Tray User Manual

    Additional Resources


    “Why Quasi Vivo®?”
    A series of short videos with Quasi Vivo® users to find out why they use our interconnected flow system within their research.

    A poster that demonstrates how the Quasi Vivo system improves gene expression for many cell types, including hepatocytes.