Special Tapping Mode AFM Probe


NanoWorld Pointprobe® ZEIHR probes are designed for owners of the Zeiss Veritekt microscope using the step mode (non-contact mode). Compared to the Pointprobe® non-contact probes of the NCH and NCL type the force constant is reduced and the resonance frequency is lower.

All SPM and AFM probes of the Pointprobe® series are made from monolithic silicon which is highly doped to dissipate static charge. They are chemically inert and offer a high mechanical Q-factor for high sensitivity. The tip is shaped like a polygon based pyramid.

Additionally, this probe offers an excellent tip radius of curvature.

Coating Description

Aluminum Reflex Coating 

The aluminum reflex coating consists of a 30 nm thick aluminum layer deposited on the detector side of the cantilever which enhances the reflectance of the laser beam by a factor of 2.5. Furthermore it prevents light from interfering within the cantilever.

Full Technical Data

AFM Tip:

  • Shape: Standard
  • Height: 10 ?m (10 - 15 ?m)*
  • Radius: < 8 nm (< 12 nm guaranteed)
  • AFM Cantilever:

  • Shape: Beam
  • Force Constant: 27 N/m (17 - 41 N/m)*
  • Resonance Frequency: 130 kHz (110 - 150 kHz)*
  • Length: 225 ?m (220 - 230 ?m)*
  • Width: 57 ?m (52.5 - 62.5 ?m)*
  • Thickness: 5 ?m (4.5 - 5.5 ?m)*
  • * typical range