PHR-146S,specify connector type or pH meter when ordering,PHR-146S(specify connector type or pH meter when ordering),美国 Shelfscientific

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Purchase our micro pH electrode by itself or as a complete ArrowLabb(TM) micro pH measurement system. The complete system includes everything you need to measure, log and graph all in one. System includes micro pH electrode, advanced digital meter plus our exclusive logging and plotting software and more. Full details on pH measurement systems.

Cat. No.: PHR-146S (specify connector type or pH meter when ordering)

pH Range: 2 to 12
Temp. Range: 0 to 65 oC
Body Type: Fluoropolymer and epoxy
Dimensions: 3mm dia X 150mm length
Internal ref.: Ag/AgCl

Description: Micro pH electrode with solid state sensor for measuring samples down to 10 microliters of sample. Flexible fluoropolymer stem is guaranteed against breakage for the life the electrode.

Applications: Any samples with volumes between 10 to 800 microliters. Use in microtiter plates, microcentrifuge tubes, NMR tubes, micro test tubes, isoelectric focusing gels.

Micro pH electrode for NMR tubes

This electrode is also available with an extra long stem especially for measuring pH in NMR tubes. Enjoy the same accuracy as our standard micro pH electrode especially designed for NMR tubes.

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