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3D Cell Culture for Confocal Microscopy


三维(3D)细胞培养物的生理意义使其成为细胞生物学的基础研究工具。 3D细胞培养物用于广泛的细胞生物学研究,包括肿瘤生物学,细胞粘附,细胞迁移,转移,血管生成和上皮形态发生。水凝胶如基质胶原和胶原蛋白在细胞生物学家中很受欢迎,因为它们能够模拟细胞外微环境而创建3D组织模型。另一方面,生物可降解聚合物的多孔支架由于强大的机械性能而优于用于3D细胞培养的组织工程研究。 3D培养预期在药物筛选和毒性测定中减少实验室动物。
3D细胞培养的分析需要从培养皿中精细处理3D水凝胶,这可能会干扰细胞排列。 3D细胞培养样品由于厚度(几百微米)而高度散射,这是显微分析的挑战。
研究人员通常倾向于在盖玻片上生长细胞,作为共聚焦显微镜研究的单层,缺少3D细胞培养的优点。在3D细胞培养形式和分析技术方面的创新对于利用生命科学中第三维的益处至关重要。用于高级显微镜的3D细胞培养已经通过Confo-Cult®变得容易和成本高效。 ECMAnalog®多孔支架在典型盖板上的涂层不仅可以更容易地进行3D培养,还简化了共聚焦显微观察和高含量分析。




Confo-Cult® is designed to study differentiation/ cell functionality under 3D Cell Culture using fluorescence and confocal microscopic techniques.

3D cell culture is performed on a slide that can be retrieved (unlike Dot-Cult®) from culture dish and mounted on microscope.

Researchers not only can perform 3D cell culture using Confo-Cult® but also evaluate the performance using fluorescence and confocal microscopy for differentiation, proliferationetc. such integrated performance is not offered by any technology as yet.

As an enthusiastic customer has expressed “it is fastest way to get a publication”. We guarantee an innovative touch to your research.

Please discuss with our experts your unique cell culture requirements and explore options beyond conventional products.

Product Design Concept

Physiological relevance of three dimensional (3D) cell cultures has made it a fundamental research tool in cell biology. 3D cell cultures are used in a broad range of cell biology research, including tumor biology, cell adhesion, cell migration, metastasis, angiogenesis and epithelial morphogenesis. Hydrogels like matrigel and collagen are popular among cell biologists to create 3D tissue model due to their ability to mimic extracellular micro-environment. Porous scaffolds of biodegradable polymers on the other hand, are preferred for tissue engineering research for 3D cell cultures due to robust mechanical properties.  3D cultures expected to decrease laboratory animals in drug screening and toxicity assays.

Analysis of 3D cell culture requires delicate handling of 3D hydrogel from culture plates that may disturb the cellular arrangements. 3D cell culture samples are highly scattering due to thickness (few hundred microns) which is a challenge for microscopic analysis.

Researchers very often prefer to grow cells on cover slips as monolayers for confocal microscopy studies missing the advantages of 3D cell culture. Innovations both in 3D cell culture formats and analysis techniques are essential to exploit the benefits of third dimension in the life sciences. 3D cell culture for advanced microscopy has been made easy and cost effective with Confo-Cult®. ECM Analog® coating of porous scaffold on typical cover slips makes it not only easier to perform 3D cultures but also simplifies confocal microscopic observations and high content analysis.


  1. Confo-Cult® is gamma irradiated and available in ready to use packing.
  2. 3D dots are available in two types of ECM material.
    1. Collagen Type I
    2. Amniotic ECM (coming soon)
  3. Also available with 2D dot for easy comparison.
  4. Confo-Cult® is designed for 3D cell culture for Confocal Microscopy.
  5. Customizable Extra Cellular Matrix for 3D culture of specific cell types.
  6. Customizable scaffold features (pore size, particle size etc.).
  7. Handling is identical to monolayer culture.
  8. Cells do not grow on scaffold free area.
  9. Just add cells, media, and incubate.
  10. Multiple cell types can be co-cultured to create organ like features.

 Confo-Cult® PDF

Confo-Cult® is for research purpose only.