Courage + Khazaka electronic GmbH - Scientific Skin Test
型号:Scientific Skin Test

Courage + Khazaka electronic GmbH - Scientific Skin Test

The Multi Probe Adapter System can accept up to 5 (MPA 5), MPA 580 or 9 (MPA 9) probes either of the same kind or different: Sebumeter SM 815 (built in), Corneometer CM 825, SkinpH- Meter PH 905, Skin-Thermometer ST 500, Tewameter TM 300, Mexameter MX 18, Frictiometer FR 700 and Reviscometer RV 600.

  • An all-in-one user friendly software operates all probes of the Multi Probe Adapter Systems at the same time as well as of the stand-alone units.
  • All measuring values can be displayed as curves, bars or numerical data and data parameters can be adjusted easily.
  • In addition the standard deviation and average values of the measurements are displayed
  • All data are saved in one d-base database, which can be easily exported into spreadsheets (e.g. Microsoft Excel®) to evaluate the results.

Multi Probe Adapter System MPA 5

  • built-in sebum measurement / can connect up to 4 probes

Multi Probe Adapter System MPA 9

  • built-in sebum measurement / can connect up to 8 probes

Viscoelasticity by Suction MPA 580

  • built-in sebum measurement / elasticity probe / can connect up to 4 probes

Corneometer CM 825 - Skin Surface Hydration

  • The world's best selling moisture measurement probe.
  • Based on capacitance method.
  • Detect even the slightest changes in skin hydration level.
  • Easy & quick measurement (1 second).
  • Probes embedded with high quality electronics for accurate and precise measurement.
  • Ideal promotion tool for all kind of facial and body care products.

Sebumeter SM 815 - Sebum on the skin Surface

  • Based on grease spot photometry.
  • Sebum measurement for skin, hair and scalp.
  • Moisture has no effect on the measurement.
  • Oil cassette can use up to approx. 450 measurements.
  • Ideal promotion tool for all kind of facial, body, hair care & oil reducing anti-acne products.

Skin - pH - Meter PH 905 - pH Measurement

  • Based on high accurate glass pH electrode.
  • Easy & quick measurement (1 second).
  • To determine natural acidic coat of skin and scalp.
  • Ideal promotion tool for all kind of facial/body and hair care products.
  • Examples: soaps & shampoos

Mexameter MX 18 - Melanin & Erythema

  • Based on light absorption/ reflection method.
  • Light emitting diodes emits 3 specific light wavelengths.
  • Only diffused and scattered light is measured by the photo detector.
  • Probes embedded with high quality electronics for accurate and precise measurement.
  • Indispensable tool for SPF, anti-allergic, whitening and bleaching products.

Tewater TM 300 - Transepidermal Waterloss (TEWL)

  • Based on open chamber method.
  • TEWL measures the efficiency of skin water barrier.
  • Probes embedded with microprocessor and high quality electronics for accurate and precise measurement.
  • Continuous measurement over long periods is possible.

Cutometer - Elasticity

  • Based on suction method.
  • Measure skin elasticity and biological ageing.
  • Easy & quick measurement (10 - 15 seconds)
  • Ideal promotion tool for elasticity increasing and anti-aging products.
  • Optical light source and light receptor measure the penetration of the skin into the probe before and after suction which then calculates the elasticity measurement.

Frictiometer FR 700 - Skin Friction

  • The probe contains a motor, a steering unit and the friction head. A constant rotational speed (adjustible to different speeds) is applied onto the skin by the friction head.
  • With the Frictiometer® it is possible to distinguish between normal and dry skin as well as between skin with or without wrinkles.

Skin Thermo-Meter ST 500 - Skin Temperature

  • Based on relative infrared temperature measurement, which is touchless and gives an immediate result.
  • Measure skin temperature
  • Results measured on treated and untreated skin can easily be compared

Reviscometer RVM 600 - Skin Ageing

  • Based on resonance running time of an acoustical shockwave determines in addition to mechanical properties of the skin the direction of collagen and elastin fibres.
  • Form an "elasticity measurement centre" to examine biological age of the skin from different angles.

Visioscan® VC 98 - Skin Topography

  • Special UV-A light video camera with high resolution has been developed especially to study the skin surface directly.
  • The images show the structure of the skin and the level of dryness very impressively.
  • The camera features a high resolution b/w video sensor and a ring shaped UV-A light source (proven to present nohazard to normal human skin) for uniform illumination of the skin.

Skin Visiometer SV 600 - Absolute Measurement of Wrinkle Depth by Light Transmission of a Silicone Replica

  • A well established, accurate, very economical and easy to handle measurement method to evaluate the topography of the skin surface by light transmission of a very thin, especially blue dyed silicone.
  • The very viscous two part silicone, mixed under vacuum to avoid bubbles, fills even smallest skin depths and reproduces them in detail.

Visioline VL 650 - Quantirides - Assesing the Skin Makro Relief by Replica and Oblique Lighting

  • To analyze objectively the deeper lines and macro wrinkles such as crow feet.
  • Interesting for claim support of anti- aging and anti wrinkle products.
  • Based on shadows on a silicon replica. The replica which represents a negative of the skin, is illuminated uniformly with a defined light source mounted in a specified angle.
  • A very sophisticated software analyzes different characteristics of he wrinkle in real length and depth (in mm) and a shape factor.


Meibometer MB 560

  • Measure the sebum content of the lacrimal fluid
    • Quick and easy handling of the foil strip for collecting the lacrimal fluid.
    • Comfortable and reproducible measurement with the strip slider of the device.
    • Display of the lipid content results in the software.
    • Interface and power supply by USB connection, no extra power supply needed.