Flexcell® FX-5000™ Tension System
FX-5000 Tension

Flexcell® FX-5000™ Tension System 

A computer-regulated bioreactor that uses vacuum pressure to apply cyclic or static strain to cells cultured on flexible-bottomed culture plates (see Fig. 1 below). 
  • Analyze biochemical changes in response to strain in cells from muscle, lung, heart, vascular vessels, skin, tendon, ligament, cartilage, and bone.
  • Uses vacuum pressure to deform a flexible-bottomed culture plate yielding up to 33% substrate elongation (see table below).
  • Applies a defined, controlled, static or cyclic deformation to cells growing in vitro.
  • Control of the vacuum pump with the FX-5000™ software.
  • Compatible with Windows 7.
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Equibiaxial Strain
Figure 1: Application of equibiaxial strain with the FX-5000™ Tension System to cells plated in the well of a BioFlex® culture plate.