Kirkstall,Quasi Vivo® system,Quasi-Vivo Cell Culture,Quasi Vivo® Cell Culture Flow Systems,细胞长期灌注培养系统 Quasi-vivo System Long term cell-culture,Quasi-Vivo体外慢性长期流灌注细胞培养系统

Cell Culture Chamber

The QV500 cell culture chamber is a highly flexible research tool, ideal for academic use. Produced from medical-grade silicone, the chamber provides a leak proof seal, allowing continuous flow of media across and through cell cultures.

The chamber has a common diameter with the wells in standard 24-well plates, allowing for protocols developed for static cultures to easily be transferred to the system, as well as providing compatibility with both coverslips and a range of 3D scaffolds.

The modular design allows the system to be customised to provide the most suitable model for each specific experiment.

  • Users of the QV500 can expect to profit from a number of key benefits associated with the QV500 cell culture chambers:
  • Continuous replenishment of media
  • Recirculation of media allows self-conditioning by cells
  • Prevents necrosis in 3D culture
  • Modular, flexible system
  • Standard well size
  • More physiological relevance
  • Reservoir allows easier media change without shock to culture
  • Sealed system design ensures sterility in operation
  • Autoclavable
  • Repeat usage

Chamber width 15 mm internal
Chamber depth 10 mm from culture surface to top of chamber base
Materials Chamber: PDMS
Tubing: Tygon
Luers and reservoir bottle: Polypropylene
Overall dimensions 23 mm height x 37 mm diameter
Diameter of tubing Inlet: 1/16” ID
Outlet: 3/32” ID
Volume of chamber 2 ml