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Intelligent Safety Clean Benches
Intelligent Safety Clean Benches
Shanghai ZHICHENG Analytical Instrument Manufacturing
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    ZHJH-C intelligent Clean Bench can be classified into vertical and horizontal type by the airflow direction, single-sash and double-sash types by the number of sash, and five sizes by the net width of working area according to the International Standard, from 600mm to 1800mm. In all, there are nine modes for ZHJH-C series.
    As one of the minor enterprise technological innovation fund projects of National science and technology department of 2005, ZHJH-C intelligent clean bench has effectively solved various designing problems of the classic ones and further promoted the biosafety by the following particular design improvements:

    ·Automatic HEPA on-line measurement, monitoring and alarm.
    ·Automatic audio and visual warning activates when HEPA is nearly invalidated.
    ·Timely detection and expression of the breakage and invalidity of HEPA prevents the sample from pollution.
    ·Stepless speed set, constant airflow speed, and instant speed display .
    ·Automatic disinfecting preset function significantly improved the working efficiency.

    This kind of products is widely used in environment monitoring and the researching in the fields of pharmacy, biochemistry, medical sanitation and electronic instrument and meter.

    ·LCD screen displays the actual speed, differential pressure, flow volume and HEPA status.
    ·The audio, visual and text pre-warning or warning will be activated when breakage or invalidity of HEPA occurs.
    ·Stepless adjustable setting and constant-speed operation authentically ensure the ideal state of the airflow in the working area.
    ·The start and stop time of the blower and the UV sterilizing lamp can be set freely and automatically activated.
    ·Monitoring timer displays the cumulative operating time.
    ·Humanized and pattern indicating touchable control panel.
    ·Clock indicating.
    ·Manual/Automatic control selection.
    ·High efficiency air filtering system equipped with prefilter.
    ·Low air output low noise, high-pressure blower fan..
    ·Self-equilibrating vertical sliding toughened glass sash, randomly positioning.
    ·The big transparent toughened glass windows on both sides provides wide angle of view and good lighting condition.
    ·High quality stainless working table with smooth internal angle is easy to clean.
    ·The working area is equipped with fluorescent lamp and UV sterilizing lamp.
    ·Streamline, luxurious design, static plastic-spraying treatment.
    ·Universal castors with breaker, easy to move and locate




    Airflow Direction


    Work Surface


    Particulate Cleanliness Class

    Within Workroom: particles0.5µm  ≤3,520/m3(FS209E class 100)

    Collecting Efficiency: Federal Standard 209E class1000.5µm

    Colony Count (m/s)

    Colony Count0.5 per dish,(90mmpetri dish)

    Velocity Setting Range (m/s)


    Workroom Velocity Range (m/s)

    0.3-0.6(Stepless Setting)

    Velocity Control Precision (m/s)


    Velocity Resolving Power (m/s)


    HEPA Differential Pressure Range

    0500 Pa

    Differential Pressure Indicating Precision


    Initial Resistance (Pa)

    120(At Maximum Velocity)

    Noise Pressure


    Vibration Peak Mesial Magnitude


    Illumination Level


    Net Weight (kg)


    Power (W)



    AC220V 50/60Hz

    Starting on its foundation in 1998, ZHICHENG has always been a company that relies on its wide product portfolio of highest quality, puts great emphasis on customer satisfaction as well as service quality and sustains the strength of its past into the future.

    In addition to its admirable development, modern production plant and powerful distribution systems; thanks to the recognition built on its customer orientation and uncompromised quality of its precise products, ZHICHENG today is a reputable, widely preferred global player achieving a steady growth rate every year.

    ZHICHENG is driven by innovations and its extensive product ranges are at the cutting-edge internationally for both industrial and scientific applications where temperature and atmosphere control are paramount. It is committed to the fact that our society needs to continue to undertake research, deliver world-class healthcare, and ultimately improve health standards in all areas where ZHICHENG makes valuable contributions.

    Having built its reputation for quality and value on laboratory equipment, ZHICHENG have established its enormous global distribution networks in more than 40 countries.

    ZHICHENG is a company providing and developing complete solutions, designing integrated systems, helping selection of proper technology, supplying equipment for the needs of researchers, technicians working in the field of analysis and tests and R&D, as well as providing after-sales supporting services. It is his responsibility to improve its service quality continuously and provide comprehensive technical services for full satisfaction of customers.

    Please feel free to contact us for product and distribution enquiries.
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