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Rotary evaporator
Rotary evaporator
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    Key Features
       New floor rotary evaporator, using a large capacity, large diameter rotary evaporation flask, increased evaporation area, in the decompression in the water bath, side spin, side heating, diffusion or evaporation of the solution, a wide range of applications and sample size concentration, drying, extraction, recycling, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, environmental, university research laboratory and industrial mass production of such good equipment.

    Technical parameters



    Down mode

    Electric lifting

    The speed range(rpm)


    Temperature range(℃)



    Vertical type, double serpentine tube

    With small capacity cold trap

    Rotating bottle maximum capacity(L)


    Maximum capacity to collect bottles(L)


    Motor  power(W)



    1. What's the most important performance of rotary evaporator?

    Air impermeability is the first important performance of rotary evaporator, which directly affect rotary evaporator normal operating and service life. Air impermeability is good or not is decided by suppliers' design standard, manufacture standard and material choice, etc. "Actual vacuum degree" and "vacuum pressure maintaining time" are the measuring standard.

    2. What's the difference of glass lifting and bath lifting?

    Bath lifting is more safe, the glass parts matched with rotary evaporator are not easy to be damaged, don't need to lock after lifting finished. Glass lifting is mainly suitable for the rotating flask which has fixed size, lifting height is fixed, after finish lifting, need to lock.

    3. #29 and #24 Evaporation bottle grinding mouth, choice which type is better?

    ISO #29 and ISO #24 both are the standard mouth for laboratory. ISO #29 has high strength and convenient to clean, is more suitable for imported rotary evaporator, and also benefit you to choice flask move device.

    4. Which type vacuum pump is most suitable for rotary evaporator?

    Vacuum pump is the prerequisite device for rotary evaporator, TOPTION provide SHB-III vacuum pump for 1L ~ 10L laboratory rotary evaporator,  SHB-B95 vacuum pump for industrial rotary evaporator, and 2XZ also supplied for rotary evaporator, etc. But using cold trap or other methods provide corrosion protection is more better.

    5. In which situation, condensation effect is best?

    Tap water temperature changes as different season, its temp. is higher in summer, so solvent recovery efficiency is low, and tap water will make condenser change color and scale formation.

    You could choice the below two lab solutions:

    1) The best solution: equip appropriate low temperature cooling circulating pump, when you choice, please pay attention to "refrigerating capacity", "lowest temperature", "circulating joint", "circulation capacity" and "circulating pressure", TOPTION supply low temperature equipment professional for rotary evaporator.

    2) For laboratory rotary evaporator, cold trap could be cooling by ice.

    6. How to improve rotary evaporator service life?

    1) Please operating based on TOPTION rotary evaporator operation instruction.

    2) After finish research, please clean rotary evaporator in time.

    3) The surface of rotary evaporator should be keep clean.

    4) Please contact TOPTION specialist for any problems during rotary evaporator operating.


    We Believe TOPTION will be your TOP OPTION !!!



    Xi'an Toption Instrument has specialized temperature control technical personnel and advanced production equipment as well as perfect production process. We have established a complete quality management system to ensure product quality and achieve safe production. We strive to produce beautiful, practical, stable and cost-effective products and save more experimentation space for our customers. We will always provide you with safe, stable and high-performance test equipment to make you more relaxed during the experiment.
    TOPTION wholeheartedly provides high-quality products and reliable after-sales service for research institutions, universities and colleges, drug testing, chemical industry, metallurgy, biochemistry and key food processing projects. We sincerely serve you forever!
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