Neuro Probe blind well chambers are single well reusable instruments developed from Boyden’s original design, which allows the instruments to be used in much the same way as the original Boyden chamber. These chambers excel in small sample-number tests and are commonly used in conjunction with our multi well chemotaxis chambers. They are also very convenient for determining optimal incubation time.

The bottom well of a blind well chamber is precision machined out of acrylic. The top piece, or filter retainer, is machined of white acetal. A through hole forms the upper well. The proprietary design of the instruments eliminates the need for a gasket between the upper and lower well. A filter is placed over the lower well and held in place by the filter retainer.

A wide range of filter pore sizes are available for these instruments.

The four blind well chambers differ in well volume and area as shown below:

产品名称 Neuro Probe Blind Well Chemotaxis Chambers
产品货号 BW25-200L
产品价格 现货询价,电话:010-67529703
产品规格 Upper Well Capacity Choose an option200μL800µL Lower Well Capacity Choose an option100μL200μL25μLClear
产品品牌 neuroprobe
Stock # Upper Well Capacity
Lower Well Capacity
Exposed Filter Area (mm2) Well Diameter (mm)
BW25 200 25 18 4.7
BW100 200 100 18 4.7
BW200S 200 200 18 4.7
BW200L 800 200 50 8.0

Additional information

Weight 0.0625 lbs
Dimensions 2 x 1 x 1 in
Upper Well Capacity


Lower Well Capacity

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