Neuro Probe AA96, AB96, and AC96 chemotaxis chambers use framed filters on which adherent cells can be stained and counted under a microscope or counted in an automated fluorescence reader. The A-Series 96-well chemotaxis chambers consist of reusable precision-machined acrylic top and bottom plates, assembly hardware, and a silicone gasket. The bottom plate has 96 wells, and corresponding holes in the top plate form the 96 upper wells. The framed filter separates the upper and lower wells.

During incubation chemoattractants added to the lower wells act on cells in a suspension added to the upper wells. Cells migrate through the filter, and migrated adherent cells on the filter are counted.

The framed filter consists of a filter membrane bonded to a rigid frame that can be conveniently handled without forceps. The filter snaps accurately into the chamber, and after incubation the filter can be held by its frame while wiping, staining, and preparing to count cells. The external dimensions of the frame and the format of the 96 sites on the filter are designed to fit standard fluorescence readers, so fluorescent-tagged adherent cells can be automatically counted.

The top plate has six registration pins to ensure easy and accurate assembly. The silicone gasket is punched with holes corresponding to the registration pins and is installed on the top plate prior to assembly. The framed filter fits snugly against the pins. The gasket forms a seal when sandwiched with the filter between the top and bottom plates. Overall dimensions of the assembled chamber, excluding hardware, is 5.75″ x 5.00″ x .90″.

The three A-series chambers differ in well volume and exposed filter area, as follows:

产品名称 A-series (AA96, AB96, AC96)
产品货号 AA96
产品价格 现货询价,电话:010-67529703
产品规格 Exposed Filter Area Choose an option8mm218mm232mm2Clear
产品品牌 neuroprobe
Stock # Exposed Filter Area (mm2) Well diameter (mm) Upper Well Capacity
Lower Well Capacity
AA96 32 6.4 390 80
AB96 18 4.8 225 30
AC96 8 3.2 50/225* 25

* The AC96 has a step in the upper well; capacity is 50µl if filled to the step, 225µl if filled to the top.

Accompanying each chamber is an A-series 96-well protocol for its use and care. See framed filters for information on their proper use. 96-well chamber filters and replacement gaskets are available.

Please contact us to order replacement hardware, or if you have any questions.

Additional information

Weight 1.4375 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 9 x 2 in
Plate Size

Exposed Filter Area

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