Neuro Probe MBA96, MBB96, and MBC96 chemotaxis chambers are reusable instruments designed for use with disposable 96-well microplates and specially designed framed filters, both of which fit standard automated readers. Each chamber consists of precision-made reusable top and bottom plates, hinged and fitted with spring-loaded catches, enabling rapid and accurate assembly of the components. A special sealing system keeps fluids in place during incubation.

The top plate has 96 through wells; the bottom plate has a single large recess sized to hold a microplate, which forms bottom wells for chemotaxis assays, tumor cell invasion assays, and cell-cell interaction studies.

A Neuro Probe framed filter sets in over the microplate. Filters are available with adhesive strips to adhere to the perimeter of the microplate, forming one unit that can be centrifuged. Standard format fluorescence, densitometric, and scintillation readers can be used to count migrated cells in the microplate. Many fluorescence readers can also be used to count cells on the filter.

The framed filters consist of a polycarbonate membrane bonded to a rigid frame that makes them easy to handle, wipe, and stain. Filters are available in a variety of pore sizes and densities, and with or without adhesive. See 96-well chamber filters for specific information.

reusable 96-well insert can be used in place of a disposable microplate, and like microplates, the inserts can be used with automated readers. These inserts are also acrylic, and are subject to the same precautions in care and cleaning as the chambers.

Retention pins hold a silicone gasket against the sealing surface of the chamber’s top plate; the gasket forms a seal when sandwiched with the filter between the plates. Registration pins in the top and bottom plates facilitate alignment of plates, gasket, and filter.

Dimensions of the assembled chamber, excluding hardware, are 5.75″ x 5.00″ x 1.5″.

The three MB series chambers differ in top-well volume and exposed filter area as follows:

产品名称 MB Series (MBA96, MBB96, MBC96)
产品货号 MB-96
产品价格 现货询价,电话:010-67529703
产品规格 Exposed Filter Area Choose an option8mm218mm232mm2Clear
产品品牌 neuroprobe
Stock # Exposed Filter Area
Upper Well Volume Lower Volume
Using MPC
Lower Volume
Using MP30
Lower Volume with
Reusable Insert
MBA96 32 395 400µL N/A 100µL
MBB96 18 225 400µL 30µL 50µL
MBC96 8 50/225* 400µL 30µL 25µL


* The MBC96 has a step in the upper well; capacity is 50µL if filled to the step, 225µL if filled to the top.

Accompanying each chamber is an MB-series 96-well protocol for its use and care. See framed filters for information on their proper use. Filters and other accessories, including replacement gaskets, are available.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Additional information

Weight 1.75 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 9 x 4 in
Plate Size

Exposed Filter Area

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